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IT Deal Desk

Biocom California and centrexIT are excited to announce that members now have exclusive access to a cutting-edge IT platform that helps to source and vet technology providers and services.

IT Deal Desk, powered by centrexIT and Biocom California, is an exclusive platform that uses collective buying power to negotiate cost-effective rates from a robust network of over 300 premium internet, voice, cloud, IT and cybersecurity partners. Biocom California member companies are able to request a variety of business technology and services bids from one concierge-style website and IT Deal Desk handles the rest. Read the press release here and view our recorded webinar to learn more about the program’s launch.

Interested in a complimentary connectivity assessment for your organization? Let IT Deal Desk evaluate the connectivity services available in your area for the best prices and speeds at no charge!


How it works: centrexIT works with master agents and carriers who extend access to their portfolio of services. A Biocom California member company submits a request for service quotes using the all-new IT Deal Desk Online portal. Next, IT Deal Desk collects multiple proposals and vets new partners to save Biocom members time and money. Finally, IT Deal Desk facilitates the RFP between the Biocom member company and the master agent or carrier, and offers any additional support along the way.

Biocom California Member Benefits:

  • Streamlined collection and comparison of partner proposals
  • User friendly interface
  • Cost-efficient, professional contract negotiations
  • Attractive customer rebates
  • Responsive customer support

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