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Introducing Biocom California’s COVID-19 Testing Solution

One Medical

When you’re sick or injured, you shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks to get medical care. And with One Medical, you don’t have to. Through One Medical, Biocom California members can access exceptional primary medical care for their employees and their dependents to support a safe return to work whenever they may need it.

With One Medical, you can connect with a medical provider in minutes through their app or visit one of their 90+ office locations so your employees can potentially skip a trip to urgent care or the ER, save time and money, and get back to feeling their best.

From COVID-19 testing to care for everyday ailments to management of chronic conditions, One Medical is the home base for physical and mental health for Biocom California members.

To start your engagement and get your company’s employees enrolled in the One Medical program, click the button below.



Biocom California Member Benefits

  • 24/7 virtual care through the One Medical app
  • Access to 90+ One Medical offices across the country
  • Same-day and next-day appointments that start on time
  • Online appointment booking and prescription renewals
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 return-to-work program
  • Coverage extending to employees’ dependents, including pediatric care in many markets

“As one of the first medical customers to deploy a cohort-based COVID-19 employee testing program with One Medical, we could not be more impressed with the smooth onboarding process, professional account management team, and innovative tracking platform in One Medical’s ‘Healthy Together’ program. We are so encouraged to hear that Biocom has partnered with One Medical to make this model accessible to all life science companies in California, to ensure the safe and efficient return to the workplace at a time the world needs us most.”

10x Genomics, Biocom Member

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