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Water Filtration Systems for Business – Biocom California Savings

Pure Water Technology of San Diego

Pure Water Technology is an environmentally friendly company that offers high quality drinking water solutions.

We empower companies to make choices that will decrease their carbon footprint and eliminate plastic bottles and ineffective filter coolers from the workplace by providing the purest drinking water possible through a self-sanitizing system.

Our systems are multi-certified and utilize a fraction of the energy compared to other systems. Pure Water Technology’s patented, state-of-the-art water purification systems produce the purest hot and cold water on the market.

Exclusive drinking water provider to 200 of the Fortune 500 nationwide. US Manufacturer, locally installed and serviced.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Green, bottle-less solution to support your sustainability programs
  • Labor savings with PWT servicing all units with 24/7 response and unparalleled service
  • Save valuable square footage by eliminating bottle storage
  • Largest internal holding tank for high demand & Emergency access spout
  • On-Board Microprocessor with touch dispense
  • Multi-Certified including Energy Star, ISO 14001/9001, UL
  • FREE trial. Try it with no obligation

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