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401k, Retirement Benefits designed for life science industry

Retirement DNA

In today’s competitive labor market, delivering comprehensive benefits is more important than ever in your quest to recruit and retain top talent. Selecting and designing the ideal retirement plan is a complicated and time-consuming task – let RetirementDNA handle that workload!

As one of the Nation’s leading independent retirement plan consulting firms, RetirementDNA has the knowledge and experience to help you assess your plan’s goals, design the optimal plan features, evaluate and benchmark alternative providers, and negotiate the fee structure. Their award-winning financial wellness program goes well beyond the basic enrollment meetings and delivers customized both on and off-line group education, as well as 1:1 consultations with an unbiased licensed financial advisor.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Receive a complimentary Retirement Plan Analysis to assess your current plan’s competitiveness and compliance with all of the recent fiduciary regulatory mandates ($3,500 value)
  • Receive RDNA Financial Elements – a robust unbiased employee financial education service customized for the objectives of your employees
  • Outsourced Fiduciary Service in access to over 3,000 investment options from 100+ mutual fund companies – detailed fund selection, ongoing screening and monitoring provided
  • Independent and unbiased services – complete RFP process gives you a choice of the full market of top recordkeepers and administrators
  • Save substantial money on start-up and annual fees

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