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Life Science Hazardous & Radioactive Waste Disposal


Veolia is a global company that employs a local, customizable approach to provide its customers with innovative solutions to complex challenges in the fields of water, waste, and energy.

They offer a complete range of services for life science and biotechnology companies, universities, hospitals, industrial and municipal businesses who need support with the management of their waste & by-products including hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, medical waste and low-level radioactive waste.

Veolia prioritizes technologies that target source reduction, beneficial reuse and recovery options instead of more common waste management options such as landfill and incineration.  Veolia is committed to working with Biocom California members to identify options that provide cost savings while contributing to a circular economy by providing beneficial reuse solutions and maximizing the recovery of valuable by-products.

Biocom California members can expect Veolia to safely manage their waste and consistently offer solutions to help you reach your sustainability and budgetary goals.  Veolia self performs more services under one roof than any competitor, which allows them to offer a more competitive pricing, reduce risk for your organization, and provide simple cradle to grave tracking. Veolia owns and operates a TSDF in Southern California to help reduce customer’s carbon footprint by minimizing transportation needs.

Products and Services

  • Industry leading indemnity program to protect customers and reduce risk and liability.
  • Turnkey provider for waste management, onsite services, transportation, training and regulatory guidance related to all types waste and environmental health and safety issues.
  • Industry-leading beneficial reuse program – including Excluded Recyclable Material (ERM), solvent recovery, fuel blending, and waste to energy capabilities at their Azusa, CA TSDF.
  • Access to exclusive data management system, Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS) online portal, free of charge. All information needed for biennial reporting is easily accessible and your Veolia Account Manager is always available for assistance.
  • Veolia’s waste management capabilities can help you achieve all your sustainability and budgetary goals, including zero waste to landfill.

Exclusive Biocom California Member Benefits:

  • Biocom California negotiated up to 40% off of Veolia’s standard rates, including no labor fees on standard drum pickups and no monthly or annual fees
  • Consistency of pricing – Biocom California rates are locked in through 2021.
  • 3% Rebate Program on total spend on Veolia Services (annual expenditure thresholds apply)
  • Free annual training seminars sponsored by Veolia at the Biocom California offices and via virtual meetings
  • All inclusive service offering including supplies, lab packing, biohazardous and pathological waste management, DEA materials, low level radioactive waste, bulk transportation and recycling services to name a few.
  • Dedicated Account Service Teams, robust corporate EH&S support and comprehensive guidance and support with regulatory and compliance issues.
  • Veolia’s account managers provide comprehensive Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) that include sustainability reporting, customized evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and in-depth analysis of customer shipment and spending trends.

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