Enabling Our Members To Reach Their Sustainability Goals

Through our portfolio of resource partners, we aim to create a more sustainable and inclusive future by minimizing the impact our industry activities have on the environment while maximizing benefits to both society and the economy. Through the adoption of sustainable and inclusive business and procurement practices across the entire lifecycle of products and services, we can reduce our environmental footprint, improve the health and wellbeing of our workforce, better serve the communities in which we live and work, and create long-term value for our members and their stakeholders.

Sustainability Resource Guide

Our Sustainability Resource Guide features Core programs that support our members in achieving their science-based KPIs related to environmental sustainability through various product and program offerings. This guide will continue to evolve alongside the sustainable innovation of our partners.



Member Program Offerings

Each of the portfolio partners below offer at least one sustainable product alternative or environmentally conscious program. Click their logo to learn more.




Each of the portfolio partners below have dedicated themselves to sustainability though a company-wide commitment, unique to their capabilities and offerings. Click their logo to learn more.



Each of the portfolio partners below offer tools which assist members in assessing their own sustainability practices. Click their logo to learn more.

Calculate your carbon emissions and ship smarter.

Determine your company’s unique ESG rating and risks.

Test your lab practices with the “Sustain-abilities” game.

Supplier Diversity

Each of the portfolio partners below offer supplier diversity programs which assist our members in utilizing a diverse set of suppliers and creating a more resilient and agile supply chain.


Join Our Sustainability Conversation 

Our work in sustainability is ever-adapting and is hugely strengthened by the unique perspectives of our members. If you would like to work with us to shape the future of sustainability in the life science industry, please fill out this short form. By participating in the conversation, you are helping the Core team create a stronger experience and savings portfolio for our members.