Greater Los Angeles Advocacy

Working to build a bigger and more connected biotech hub in the greater LA region.

In the greater Los Angeles region, we advocate for land use and zoning policies that identify areas for future life science developments along with predictable and timely permitting processes. We support the region’s workforce by partnering on diverse programs that prepare current and future life science talent regardless of their educational attainment levels. We also engage on traditional business issues such as taxes, reliability of utilities, enhancing transit systems, and availability of middle-income housing.

Championing Policy Reform in the City of Pasadena

Uniting the life science community and government to shape regulatory policies that support industry growth. Our policy staff is available to assist with any questions and ideas on how your company can pursue local policy changes to promote life science growth. Contact us to get started today.


Gross Receipts Tax

Gross receipts tax the total amount a company receives from all sources, without subtracting expenses or considering whether the company has a commercialized product. These taxes disproportionately impact companies with low or no profit margins such as small and mid-sized life sciences.



It is common knowledge that there is a housing shortage in the Los Angeles area – the median price of a single-family home is $823,500. Biocom California supports incentivizing the building of additional middle income housing units via a variety of approaches to accommodate our diverse and growing life science workforce.



Land Use

In regional markets throughout California, land available for life science development is scarce. Preserving industrial land for manufacturing, research and development (R&D), and distribution is vital to long-term industry stability and growth. We also encourage local governments to identify and incentivize physical areas for life science establishments where appropriate.


Transportation is a key element in the quality of life in LA County, impacting the ability of employees to commute from work in a reasonable time as well as the ability of companies to attract the necessary workforce and transport goods and products. Investment in transportation infrastructure is critical for LA’s future growth and population needs.


Workforce Development

Biocom California supports a robust talent pipeline to fuel the life science industry in Los Angeles. Biocom California sits on the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board (LAWDB), to educate and advocate for workforce development efforts that will support our industry.


Los Angeles Regional Policy Committee

Biocom California’s Greater Los Angeles Policy Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis to address policy issues in the LA region at the city and county level.

Facilities/EH&S Committee

The joint Facilities/Environmental Health & Safety Committee provides a central forum in the Los Angeles life science community for professionals working in these fields to learn best practices, meet peers, and participate in continuing education opportunities.

Greater Los Angeles Policy Statements

  • County of Los Angeles Bioscience Overlay Zone

  • City of Los Angeles Linkage Fee – Workforce Housing Exemption