Working to support the nine counties in the Bay Area with policies that accelerate life science success.

In the Bay Area, we advocate for land use and zoning policies that allow for predictable and timely development processes to facilitate future life science projects, using a fact-based approach to determine where labs can locate. We support accessibility and reliability of utilities, reducing business tax burdens where appropriate, and sustainability measures that take lab processes into account and assess currently available infrastructure. We also engage on traditional business issues, such as advocating for more seamless transit infrastructure and the availability of middle-income housing.


Access to Water

California recently experienced prolonged drought conditions, and mandatory water cutbacks were implemented throughout the state. While shutoffs were avoided, they are a continuing possibility during drought conditions. Biocom California advocates for reliable, constant access to water necessary in our members’ delicate research processes.



It is common knowledge that there is an extreme housing shortage in the Bay Area – the median price of a single-family home is $1,050,000. Fewer than 1 in 5 Bay Area residents can afford to purchase a median-priced house. Biocom California supports incentivizing the building of additional middle-income housing units via a variety of approaches to accommodate our diverse and growing life science workforce.



Gross Receipts Tax

Gross receipts tax the total amount a company receives from all sources, without subtracting expenses or considering whether the company has a commercialized product. These taxes disproportionately impact companies with low or no profit margins such as small and mid-sized life sciences.

Local Taxes and Fees

At the local level, the implementation of new city taxes and fees can have detrimental effects on the development and production of new treatments. Biocom California works with elected officials to educate them on the effects of new proposals on the life science industry and works to mitigate tax and fee impacts on our members.



Land Use

In regional markets throughout California, land available for life science development is scarce. Preserving industrial land for manufacturing, research and development (R&D), and distribution is vital to long-term industry stability and growth. We also encourage local governments to identify and incentivize physical areas for life science establishments where appropriate.


Transportation is a key element in the quality of life in the Bay Area, impacting the ability of employees to commute from work in a reasonable time as well as the ability of companies to attract the necessary workforce and transport goods and products. Investment in transportation infrastructure is critical for the Bay Area’s future growth and population needs.


Bay Area Regional Policy Committee

This committee provides a forum for Biocom California members to proactively deliver input on proposed legislative changes at city and county levels of government.

Facilities/EH&S Committee

The joint Facilities/EH&S committee provides a central forum in the Bay Area life science community for professionals working in these fields to share best practices.

Bay Area Policy Statements

Biocom California’s Bay Area Facilities Activities and Resources

Check out Biocom California’s Bay Area Facilities Smartroom for information about upcoming events, facilities resources, and ways to communicate with your peers. The room also includes the ability to chat and post updates with peers as well as view past event photos and resources for policy matters in the Bay Area.