The Economic Impact of Life Science in California

The 2024 Biocom California Life Science Economic Impact Report, created in partnership with Deloitte, provides data on the performance of the life science industry in California during 2023. The report includes an overview of the economic impact in terms of jobs, labor income, and business output, along with key trends impacting the industry during the year.

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California has always been a leader in life science innovation, and our 2024 Economic Impact Report shows the sustained value of the industry to the state’s economy. Accelerating the success of the life science industry requires a mission-driven mindset to nurture growth. The scientific breakthroughs that create lasting impact on human well-being involve significant financial risk, and the efforts are worth it. This is evidenced by the lasting economic impact of the industry’s work, as well as the advancements that generate dramatic improvements in patient health.

Joe Panetta

President and CEO, Biocom California


California At-A-Glance

The life science industry has a wide-reaching economic impact in California. The industry supports 1.24 million jobs, $128.6 billion in labor and sole proprietor income, and $414.2 billion in economic output. Every job directly supported by life science generates more than 1.7 additional jobs for the state economy.


Bay Area Life Science Industry

The Bay Area region comprising nine counties—Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma—directly employed 156,454 life science workers and contributed to $142.7 billion in economic output in 2023. Job gains were observed in wholesale trade sub-sectors, general life science R&D and colleges and universities.


Greater Los Angeles Life Science Industry

The Los Angeles region is composed of three counties—Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Ventura—which together directly employed 95,913 life science workers and contributed $66.9 billion in economic output in 2023. The largest employment gains came from the biotechnology sector, followed by biopharmaceuticals and food and ag tech.


Orange County Life Science Industry

Orange County directly employed 62,361 workers in 2023 and contributed $46.4 billion in economic output. The largest job gains came from expansions in biotechnology, medical devices and equipment, scientific / research tools, and food and ag tech.


San Diego Life Science Industry

The San Diego region directly employed 75,816 workers and contributed $56.6 billion in total economic output in 2023. The cluster is anchored around the coastal suburb of Torrey Pines, home to UC San Diego and a number of private research institutions, including Scripps Research, the Salk Institute, and the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute.