2021 Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impact of Life Science in California

California’s life science industry provides over 1.37 million jobs in the state, with economic activity generating $405 billion in Total Business Sales in 2020. The state received more than $5.5B in NIH funding in the fiscal year 2020.

Biocom California’s 2021 California Economic Impact Report provides key economic, demographic, and industry performance data and analysis for the life science industry in the state and selected sub-state regions.

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Bay Area Life Science Industry

Among the nine counties that surround the San Francisco Bay, the life science industry employed nearly 179,000 individuals, supported more than 411,000 jobs and generated $159 billion in regional economic impact. The strongest sub-sectors, and those that are expected to lead future growth, are research and manufacturing, medical devices and equipment, and biotechnology.


Greater Los Angeles Life Science Industry

Los Angeles County represents nearly 20% of all life science direct employment in California — 96,844 direct jobs — the largest share of life sciences employment in the state. Los Angeles County also received more NIH funding than any other county in California with $1.94 billion awarded in 2020.


San Diego Life Science Industry

San Diego County’s life science industry directly employed more than 72,000 people in 2020, generating $27.7 billion in GRP. Considering all multipliers, life sciences was responsible for nearly 178,000 jobs with total earnings of $16 billion. Research and Manufacturing represented 45% of life sciences direct employment, with Biotechnology following at about 18% of direct employment. The County received nearly $1.2 billion in NIH funding.