The strongest and most respected voice for California’s life science industry.

Biocom California drives advocacy and public policy initiatives on behalf of the California life science industry. Since its founding in 1995, Biocom California has emerged as the most respected association voice in regional government, the State Capitol, and Washington, D.C. Our member committees determine positions to encourage public officials to pass legislation that is positive to the California life science industry, while working to defeat proposals that would be detrimental.


Championing Policy Reform in the City of Pasadena

Uniting the life science community and government to shape regulatory policies that support industry growth. Our policy staff is available to assist with any questions and ideas on how your company can pursue local policy changes to promote life science growth. Contact us to get started today.

Federal Advocacy

Our federal policy priorities include well-funded agencies, such NIH and FDA to do basic research and approve new products, respectively; strong IP protections to allow innovators to get a return on their investments; a business friendly-tax environment that allow businesses to strive and grow, and a fair reimbursement and pricing landscape to ensure that patients have access to much-needed medicines.

California Advocacy

Biocom California advocates for a competitive regulatory environment that protects investment in new therapies and access for our patients. Our policy priorities across the state of California include a wide range of issues from public health, access to new therapies, and information stewardship practices. We advocate for improved infrastructure, safe and reliable water supplies, and critical public interest policies to support innovation.

Regional Advocacy

Bay Area Advocacy

Our priorities in the Bay Area region include accessibility and reliability of utilities, reducing business tax burdens where appropriate, and advancing land use proposals to facilitate future life science developments. We also engage on traditional business issues, such as advocating for more seamless transit infrastructure and the availability of middle-income housing.

Los Angeles Advocacy

Our priorities in the greater Los Angeles region include identifying land for future life science developments, accessibility and reliability of utilities, and reducing business tax burdens where appropriate. We also engage on traditional business issues such as enhancing transit systems and availability of middle-income housing.

San Diego Advocacy

Biocom California was founded in San Diego in 1995 around the issue of access to water, and we continue to advocate for consistent, reliable utilities needed in delicate research processes. We assist members with all local permitting and inspection matters, and advocate for infrastructure improvements including storm channels, transit networks, and middle-income housing.

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Help us advocate for issues important to our industry by sending messages to your elected officials directly through our action center. One minute is all it takes to send a pre-crafted, editable message to your district’s elected officials. Check out the issues we’re currently advocating for and take action today!

Legislation of Interest

Our Public Policy team is constantly keeping a pulse on bills with potential impact to our state’s life science industry. Click below to see the ones we’re monitoring pertaining to biodefense and pandemic research, FDA regulatory policy, agricultural and industrial biotechnology, IP, and more.

Public Policy Committees

Biocom California committees bring together policy experts to discuss new legislative and regulatory developments and shape our policy positions at the federal, state and local levels. With over eleven committees, such as Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety, Intellectual Property, Facilities, and Cell and Gene Therapy, Biocom California’s Public Policy related committees are an ideal way for members to affect change in the areas that matter most to them.

Biocom California PAC

Established in 1996, the Biocom PAC (Political Action Committee) is a non-partisan California state committee established to fundraise and make political contributions to elect candidates and promote issues that improve the environment for business and innovation for California’s life science industry.


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