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Formerly known as the Biocom California Purchasing Group, Core by Biocom California has helped life science companies for almost 30 years to secure mission critical services at a reduced cost, enable their workforce through tailored professional development and networking opportunities, and accelerate their path to paradigm shifting innovation.


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What Makes Us Different

We are locally sourced

We understand that business enablement is not one-size-fits-all. We source our supplier programs in the regions where our members live and work to ensure our offerings are tailored to their unique needs. By partnering with our regional account managers, members can trust that we have as much investment in their success as they do.

We use a top-down approach

Our primary function is to remove your barriers to business in whatever form they may take. To do this, we pull on almost 30 years of industry experience to keep a pulse on the evolution of the market. We work to understand the industry at every level, then deliver all insights directly back to our members.

We are member-driven

Each of our programs are a direct response to a member need. We take the goals and challenges of our members personally, and work to create sustainable and scalable solutions that can evolve with your business. Members are given numerous opportunities for open dialogue with our team through our committees, which meet regularly.

Supplier Suite Overview

After almost 30 years in business, Core by Biocom California understands how a life science business functions. We have been able to identify the critical functions and top cost drivers your business needs to operate successfully, and have worked to negotiate competitive terms on your behalf. See below for our suite of programs and if you are interested in shaping the future of these programs, get involved by joining one of our committees.


From lab supplies to gases to on-site services, we offer a diverse portfolio of programs built to meet all of your lab needs. Our ultimate goal is to help achieve lower costs while providing increased value & individualized procurement solutions.


Attracting top talent starts with building a business that people want to be part of, and retaining that talent takes a competitive benefits package that enables employees to focus more energy on life-saving science. We’re got what you need to succeed.


Whether you’re designing innovative workspaces, sourcing furniture, or establishing new systems and the technologies that will power them, we are your partner in purchasing for all life science facilities and operations solutions.


Protect the critical funds you need to run your business. Ranging from tailored insurance programs to unparalleled equipment financing, our supplier partners are equipped to enable your long-term success.


California’s evolving life science environment depends on state of the art technologies and data-driven tools. Our suite of services includes cybersecurity, marketing, and branding solutions in addition to managed IT and communications solutions.


No matter the destination, members can access discounts for many of their travel needs through the Biocom California Travel Network vendors; regardless of size or travel frequency. Check out our regional hotel offerings, travel agent and car rental retailers.

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Enabling Our Members To Reach Their Sustainability Goals

Through our portfolio of resource partners, we aim to create a more sustainable and inclusive future by minimizing the impact our industry activities have on the environment while maximizing benefits to both society and the economy.