CEO Cornerstone

Applications Open For Inaugural Cohort


A peer-to-peer leadership development program uniquely tailored to the needs of today’s life science CEO. This program features sophisticated, customized content and facilitation by The Leadership Edge that is designed to start powerful conversations among CEOs.

Why CEO Cornerstone

Customized Programming for Life Science CEOs

Exclusive, research-guided and highly relevant content that will enable CEOs to reach their full potential and navigate the industry’s unique challenges.

A Forum Facilitated by Life Science Executive Coaches

This is beyond networking. CEOs will connect with an intimate group of vetted, non-competing and similar-stage industry peers.

Forming Meaningful Connections

CEOs can forge a confidential inner circle of advisors. The power of connecting with peers who are experiencing similar challenges opens the door to future partnerships.

A Curated Experience

All logistics and details are handled by experts so that CEOs can focus on taking their innovations to the next level.

Cohort Participant Guidelines

If you don’t meet the current cohort eligibility requirements but are interested in future cohorts, please contact us below.

  • First-time Life Science CEO

  • VC Stages: A-C

  • Privately Held Company

  • San Diego-Based Companies

  • Monthly Sessions

Karin Blair
President, Evoking Insights

Strategy and Goal Setting

Steve Holtzman
Former CEO, Decibel Therapeutics

Building a Culture of Engagement, Innovation, and Success

Magda Marquet
Co-Founder, Alma Life Sciences

Building and Partnering with Your Board

Neil McFarlane
CEO, Zevra Therapeutics

Reimagine Your Company

Diane West
President, 2Connect

Present with Clarity and Deliver with Confidence

Gaylene Xanthopoulos
Founder & President, The Leadership Edge Inc. 


Program Outline

Get to Know Your Cohort

Share your experiences, vision, and goals.

Vision, Mission and Values

Harnessing these powerful and underutilized leadership tools.

Strategy and Goal Setting

Strategy formulation and assuring it is aligned with your board

Presentation Skills for Financial Success

Present with clarity and deliver with confidence.

Developing a High-Performing Team

Proven strategies to unlock your team’s full potential.

Raising Capital

Insights from a leading investment banker.

Building Your Board

Understand and leverage the talent of your board to build your company.

Open Session

Based on cohort participant feedback.

Inspiring Innovation and Creativity

Bring out the talents of your team.

Management Philosophy

Explore the pros and cons of different approaches to performance management.

Partnering with The Leadership Edge

For the past three decades, The Leadership Edge has had the distinct privilege of working exclusively within the Life Science industry. Our experience in developing over 7,500 scientific leaders in over 1,000 companies has resulted in an extensive knowledge of the industry, its people, processes, and markets. It’s been greatly rewarding to improve the pace, performance, and culture of the most innovative companies in the world.