Investor Registration

Criteria for Discounted Investor Registration:

1. Employees of funds with at least $50M AOM
2. Research analysts from a FINRA accredited institution.

Attendees who do not qualify for discounted registration include:

1. Financial advisors or representatives from advisory service firms.
2. Service providers/consultants to the biotech industry.
3. Product suppliers to the biotech industry including CRO’s and CMO’s.
4. Firms that provide services and/or charge a fee to biotech companies in exchange for research/media/investor relations coverage. For complimentary registration for members of the media, or for media inquiries please contact [email protected]
5. Retail/individual investors.
6. Investment and merchant bankers.
7. Real estate development professionals.
8. Members of economic development organizations.
9. Firms who have a service providing component to their fund’s business model will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If this fund’s information is NOT located in any mainstream database (Ipreo, FactSet), BCA may ask for references to be eligible to qualify.

Biocom California may ask for references for investor qualification. Biocom California reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make the determination of the proper classification of an investor or registrant. Depending on this classification, registration fees may be required. Biocom California reserves the right to publish materials and restrict conference and/or partnering system access consistent with these determinations.

To learn more, contact  Shaye Exner, Executive Director, Events & Sponsorships, Biocom California