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Biocom California Member Spotlight

Biocom California caught up with Genome Medical CEO & Co-founder, Lisa Alderson to talk about how her team is using digital health to make genomic-based medicine accessible to all. Alderson also spoke with us about what she sees in the future of genomics, what her path to leadership looked like, and what inspires her to innovate every day.

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Connected by Biocom California

In the world of life science, connection is the key to discovery.
Biocom California connects organizations to each other so they can collaborate and work smarter together. See how we’re empowering members with novel resources and networks so they can grow faster and work efficiently.

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Take advantage of 30+ RFP-vetted life science-related contracts.


H.R. 3 and Reference Pricing Impact Report
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New data show foreign reference pricing would hamper innovation.

Virtual Festival of Science & Engineering
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Learn more about our completely virtual 2021 festival!

Biocom Institute Career Lab
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California life science industry’s go-to career resource

Return to Work Guide 2.0
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Biocom has released our updated Return to Work Guide for 2021

“I have had the opportunity to give presentations to VCs and Pharma Venture Funds at several Venture Day events. These experiences have been very helpful with respect to meeting investors from outside the San Diego area and also for valuable feedback. This is an important Biocom program!”
Michael J. Newman, CEO, Decoy Biosystems
“The LSYL (Life Science Young Leaders) series is a terrific idea. It’s just easier to make meaningful connections among contemporaries and this series is a great platform for that. I look forward to the next one.”
Brendan McCarthy, Attorney, Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigan
“I was impressed with Biocom’s DeviceFest & Digital Health Conference on August 29th, 2018. The conference had a balance view of content and discussion time with industry experts, which allowed us to have deeper introductory meetings, which will lead to deeper relationships with experts from all over North America. Great job by the planning committee and the management of Biocom.”
Dipak Shah, Board Member, Obsidio Therapeutics, Inc.


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