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Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked of us:

Does it cost anything to use the Biocom Purchasing Group contracts?
There is no cost associated with using the Biocom Purchasing Group contracts. As a benefit of Biocom membership, all member companies are eligible to use the Purchasing Group portfolio of savings.
How many contracts does the Biocom Purchasing Group currently have?
The Biocom Purchasing Group typically secures significant discounts with 35-40 suppliers across five categories at any time: Travel, Data / Communications, Facilities / Operations, HR / Finance and Lab. We have found 35-40 to be the perfect number of contract offerings that capture the majority of our membership needs while maintaining the highest level of contract compliance and service level optimization.
How do I begin activating my Biocom membership benefits?
We are so excited to have you as a Biocom member! Your membership provides you & your company with instant access to over 35 negotiated contracts with the Biocom Purchasing Group, entry to 15-20 specific Purchasing Group events every year, the opportunity to join any of our Advisory or RFP Committees, access to procurement tools, resources, and industry thought leadership and best practices. Please contact your Biocom Member Benefits Manager, George Bonaros at for more information on how to get started today!
Do any of the Purchasing Group contracts have national capabilities?
Every Biocom Purchasing Group contract was awarded to the best-in-class supplier who could best commit to servicing the Southern California region. The majority of our contracts, however, do have national capabilities. To review any contract specifically, please reach out to your Biocom Purchasing Group's Director of Business Development George Bonaros at for an in-depth review.
Can I attend a Purchasing Group event even if I am not a member?
The Biocom Purchasing Group Open House & Supplier Showcase is open to non-members for a small fee, on a limited basis. The majority of our other events are typically free and exclusive to Biocom member employees. For information regarding membership and how to join, please contact Shannon Lee at
How do I become a supplier in the Purchasing Group?
Interested in joining the Biocom Purchasing Group as an endorsed supplier? Biocom Purchasing Group selects Platinum Suppliers through a competitive bid process utilizing ad-hoc committees comprised of member company volunteers with expertise for each specific RFP. The ad-hoc committee assesses the collective needs of our membership as they relate to the Biocom Purchasing Group portfolio. Feel free to contact us with your request at
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