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Biocom California Japanese Life Science Industry Consulting FAQ

For U.S. Member Companies:

1. What can Biocom do for me?

Biocom organizes delegations to visit Japan and meet with business leaders. Biocom offers consulting services for companies seeking to do business or find partnerships or investments in Japan.

2. What is Biocom Japan Consulting?

Biocom Japan Consulting is led by Tony Fujita, a Japan native with strong ties to industry and government across the country. Through the consulting operation, members of Biocom have access to strategic advisory services and to help facilitating partnership discussions with companies and government entities in the U.S. and Japan.

Fujita and his team help California’s life science companies strategize their entry into the Japan market, plan business development and product launches, orchestrate manufacturing, manage acquisitions, and handle financing and investments with Japanese partners.

3. What other resources does Biocom Japan Consulting provide?

Biocom Japan Consulting can assist in everything from providing office space, advising, and other resources to ensure successful transpacific business ventures. U.S. companies seeking to learn more about Japan’s life science environment can request liaison/host information, translation services, or temporary office space, all of which Biocom Japan Consulting can assist in providing. Click here for a list of Featured Initiatives.

4. What are the target sectors supported by Biocom Japan Consulting?

Click here to see what initiatives and target sectors Biocom Japan Consulting specializes in.

5. Who are Biocom’s partners in Japan?

Biocom has formal agreements (Memoranda of Understanding) with:

Biocom also works with:

6. Are there direct flights to Tokyo from Biocom locations?

Yes, there are direct flights from San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

7. I am going to Tokyo. Can I access the Biocom Tokyo office?

Yes, we welcome our Biocom members to use our Tokyo office. Contact Tony Fujita to request information.

8. I need translation services. Can you help?

Yes. Biocom can assist you with finding translation services.

9. Is Biocom involved in the annual BioJapan conference?

Yes. Biocom is the only U.S. life science trade association with regular member presence and participation in panels and events at the annual BioJapan conference.

For Japanese Member Companies:

1. What does Biocom Japan Consulting offer?

Japan members are invited to leverage Biocom Japan Consulting for strategy and business guidance on the U.S. market. Click here to see what initiatives and target sectors Biocom Japan Consulting specializes in. Japan members are also invited to Biocom events in Japan and in the U.S., including Biocom’s Annual Global Partnering Conference held every February/March.

2. How do I contact Biocom Japan Consulting? 

To get in touch with Biocom Japan Consulting, contact Tony Fujita.

3. What Japanese companies are members of Biocom?

Among Biocom’s 40-plus Japanese members are:

  • Althea Technologies (owned by Ajinomoto)
  • Astellas Pharma US,
  • Daicell
  • Tanabe
  • Takeda San Diego

Click here for a list of member companies from Japan. 

In addition, the following members are on the Biocom Board of Directors:

  • Tsuneo Takahashi, President, NF Corporation
  • David Weitz, Head of Takeda California and Global Research Externalization
  • David Enloe, President and CEO, Ajinomoto Althea, CMO

4. Does Biocom offer 1-1 Partnering events?

Yes. Biocom will work with companies from Japan interested in hosting a Partnering Day in the U.S. Biocom will research and secure California companies with therapeutics, technologies, and assets of interest to your company. Contact us for more information.

5. Can I register for Biocom’s Global Partnering Conference?

Yes. Members can register for the Annual Conference, held in San Diego. Registration opens each September.

6. Can I attend Biocom Events in California?

Yes, Biocom members in Japan may attend Biocom events in California. Click here for a list of our U.S. events.

7. Can Biocom Japan Consulting help my diagnostic company find a U.S. partner?


8. Can Biocom Japan Consulting help my Contract Research Organization (CRO) find clients in California?


9. Does Biocom Japan Consulting organize visits to the U.S. for its Japan members?

Yes. Tony Fujita can provide advice, introductions, and business guidance for Japan companies who plan to visit the U.S. and need strategic advice and counsel.

10. How can I join Biocom?

We welcome members from Japan. Please click here to learn about membership in Biocom. We also welcome a meeting with you in our Tokyo office.