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We identify innovative solutions to address employers’ workforce needs, report on industry and workforce trends, and catalyze conversations around best practices to train and retain talent for current and emerging roles.


2018 Life Science Workforce Trends Report

The Life Sciences Workforce Trends Reports provide insights into the most pressing talent needs of the life science industry as well as key trends that are driving talent acquisition. Produced biennially, both nationally and for the state of California, this real-time data on the demand for talent is vital to sustaining growth and ensuring a regional and national competitive advantage in the life sciences industry.

The Employer Guide to Hosting Life Science Interns

The Employer Guide to Hosting Life Science Interns is a detailed blueprint for implementing a successful internship program. An initiative of LA Bioscience Hub, Pasadena Bio Collaborative Incubator, Biocom California Institute, and The California Community Colleges Life Sciences/Biotech Initiative, this blueprint is available at no cost. Download it, read it, modify it – and implement a life science internship program of your own.

2020 High School Inventory of Practice Report

The High School Inventory of Practice reports on authentic teaching practices of high school life science/biotech teachers. The intention of this report is to share teaching practices and resources for the greater life science educator community, provide a conduit for the voices in the life science educator community, and inform Biocom California Institute to stimulate discussions and action with educational leaders, industry partners, and stakeholders to support life science education.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report

Biocom and Biocom Institute collected information from more than 300 companies to uncover the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the life sciences industry.