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As a trusted advisor and industry partner, we aim to accelerate life science success by leveraging innovative, member-driven strategic sourcing solutions that significantly lower the total cost of doing business. Biocom members save on average 15-25x their membership dues through the Biocom Purchasing Group. In 2017, members collectively saved $150M and brought more ideas to market through a broad range of products, services and technologies offered by endorsed Purchasing Group suppliers.

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Proprietary RFP Process

The Biocom Purchasing Group RFP is the method used to vet and exclusively endorse our suppliers. It is one of the most critical elements of our business model and relies heavily on the expertise and time commitments of key individuals from our member companies. We maintain a comprehensive quality assurance strategy that is continuously reviewed by internal audit teams, regulators and members. Our diverse portfolio of competitively bid contracts cover flexible and integrated product and service offerings across the lab, facilities, operations, human resources, finance, data, communications and travel industry segments.

Member-Vetted Process

Purchasing Group Savings Categories

"Biocom Purchasing Group’s ability to leverage the purchasing power of their large member base has unlocked a level of competitive pricing impressive even for an institute of my size, and is a GPO we can trust to negotiate with our best interests in mind. "
June Lombardi, Senior Director of Procurement, Scripps Research Institute
"What I love about the Biocom Purchasing Group contracts are the unique terms and conditions negotiated. For us, the best pricing is only one side of the equation. We’re always looking for the best overall cost of doing business, and that means pairing effective cost management with best-in-class industry partners and exceptional service. Biocom always delivers and is standing by to ensure we are happy with the endorsed supplier."
Wendy Hernandez, Director of Corporate Procurement , NuVasive
"Participating in Biocom’s Purchasing Group committees has been extremely valuable, not just for my own professional development but also for securing aggressive pricing for my company and also allowing me to contribute towards the benefit of San Diego’s Life Science community."
Jeff Boldt, Associate Director, Lab Operations, Genomatica
"The Biocom Purchasing Group leverages the buying power of the membership to provide savings to each company on the goods and services they routinely utilize."
Michael Oliver, President and CEO, SpectraScience, Inc.
"Biocom's Open House was a great success, I would rank it 5 out of 5. My favorite part of the event was the networking. Biocom has best served me through the increasing variety of suppliers and vetting suppliers/providers on behalf of biotech companies."
Glenda Didienne, General Operations Manager, Inovio Pharmaceuticals

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