Biocom Institute California Graduate Education Fellowship

The Biocom California Institute Graduate Education Fellowship is a unique educational development opportunity designed to provide high potential graduate students an opportunity to teach and develop curriculum that would benefit students and educators in our K-16 system. This provides the Fellows with skills to become more effective communicators, collaborators, and leaders both within and beyond the traditional bounds of academia.

The nomination process is by invitation only.

About the Fellowship

The Fellows are convened by Biocom California Institute to participate in K-16 curriculum development and classroom and educational programs, contributing to innovative, immersive, and integrative program development that supports our mission to train and diversify the pipeline of students entering the biotechnology field. Fellows bring their expertise in cutting-edge techniques and concepts in their respective fields, and they gain training in communicating these concepts to students of varying ages and levels. Fellows receive a scholarship for travel and attendance to selected conferences to present their work.

Each year, Biocom California Institute selects up to four currently enrolled graduate students who are seeking experience teaching and designing curriculum in K-16 education. Fellows are drawn from many different scientific research fields such as, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Marine and Environmental Sciences, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Bioengineering, and Biomedical Sciences.

Program Benefits

• Experience in engaging with public sectors
• Training in how to bring scientific concepts to the larger community
• The opportunity to collaborate and make connections with corporate leaders and scientists in biotechnology
• Hands on experience and professional development in working with an educational nonprofit
• Meaningful engagement with established and emerging Biotech companies throughout California.