July 19, 2023

Clinical365 Appoints Andrew Billimore as CEO, Ushering in a New Era for Clinical Trial Ancillary Supply Solutions

Submitted by Clinical365

Los Angeles, 05th July 2023 – Clinical365 LLC, a leading provider of comprehensive clinical trial ancillary supply solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Billimore as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With a proven track record of strategic leadership and a deep understanding of the clinical research industry, Andrew is set to drive the company’s growth and innovation to new heights.

As CEO, Andrew will be responsible for leading the executive team, overseeing daily operations, and shaping the company’s strategic vision. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency, expanding service offerings, and fostering strong client partnerships, Andrew aims to solidify Clinical365’s position as a trusted partner in the clinical trial ancillary supply industry. Andrew brings 15 years of experience in the clinical research field, having held several leadership positions at prominent clinical trial supply chain management organizations in various countries within the life sciences sector. His vast industry knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges faced by clinical trial sponsors and research organizations make him an ideal fit for the CEO role at Clinical365.

“I am thrilled to join Clinical365 and lead this remarkable team in providing unmatched clinical trial ancillary supply solutions,” said Mr. Billimore. “The potential for innovation and growth in the clinical research industry is tremendous, and I am confident that together, we can deliver exceptional results for our clients and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients participating in clinical trials.”

Under Andrew’s guidance, Clinical365 will continue to focus on its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that streamline the supply chain and improve overall operational efficiency for clinical trials. By leveraging advanced technologies, optimizing logistics, and nurturing strategic partnerships, Clinical365 will empower research organizations to bring their life-saving therapies to market faster.

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Billimore as the new CEO of Clinical365,” said Lee Strauch, Clinical365’s Chief Financial Officer. “His extensive experience, visionary leadership, and passion for driving innovation align perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the clinical trial ancillary supply landscape. We are confident that Andrew will lead the company to new levels of success, benefiting both our clients and the patients we serve.”

About Clinical365: Clinical365 is a leading provider of comprehensive clinical trial ancillary supply solutions, offering a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of research organizations. With a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, Clinical365 is dedicated to supporting the success of clinical trials worldwide. For media inquiries, please contact: Mark Lingley, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical365 LLC at [email protected]