Biocom California Catalyst Awards

2024 Catalyst Awards

Entering its ninth year, the Biocom California Life Science Catalyst Awards continue to spotlight the most inspiring and innovative minds dedicated to advancing human health through research, discovery and entrepreneurship, with a commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within the industry. These awards recognize accomplished individuals and rising stars under the age of 40 who
are making significant contributions to the life science sector in California.

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The Biocom California Life Science Catalyst Awards annually celebrate the most inspiring and driven young minds who are sparking meaningful change to human health through their research, discovery, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Who is Eligible?

The awards welcome accomplished and emerging academics, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and business advisors who are leaving their mark on the life science industry in California before their 40th birthdays. Winners of this award demonstrate a commitment to improving human health, driving innovation and contributing to diversity, equity and inclusion within the industry.


Recipients will be featured in LifeLines, Biocom California’s online magazine, acknowledged through a social media initiative and celebrated at our Annual Celebration of Life Gala in November. Additionally, winners will be announced in a corresponding press release.


The Catalyst Awards were established by Biocom California in collaboration with the San Diego Venture Group in 2016. With the biotech and life science industries in California nearing 50 years, it became evident that new generations of leaders were emerging, shaping our world. Despite the presence of other top 10 lists or 40 under 40 awards in various formats, there was a notable absence of a free, competitive, peer-reviewed and industry-focused platform.

A committee comprising life science executives, board members and previous winners from prominent life science organizations is tasked with selecting up to 10 winners annually. This rigorous process spans several months to ensure a thorough evaluation and recognition of outstanding contributions.

Over several months, they carefully evaluate candidates to identify up to 10 winners who demonstrate exceptional leadership and innovation.

Congratulations to All of Our Catalyst Award Winners

Please join us in recognizing all Catalyst Award winners from San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area over the past eight years. Our industry would not be the same without young leaders like these who help to ignite innovation and fuel the growth of our industry, and we thank all our winners and nominees for their hard work and dedication.