Biocom Catalyst Awards


The Biocom Life Science Catalyst Awards are an annual celebration of the most inspiring and driven young minds who are sparking meaningful change to human health through their research, discovery and entrepreneurship.

Who is eligible?

The awards are open to accomplished and up-and-coming academics, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and business advisers who are making their marks on the San Diego and Los Angeles life science communities before reaching their 40th birthdays.


Honorees are highlighted on the cover of Biocom’s fall issue of Lifelines magazine and featured on the Biocom website. In addition, winners are recognized at the San Diego Venture Group’s Annual Luminary Dinner, held in the fall. Winners are also announced in an accompanying news release.


The Biocom Life Science Catalyst Awards were created by Biocom in conjunction with the San Diego Venture Group in 2016. The inaugural program attracted a stellar array of accomplished young professionals. A committee of executives and board members from both Biocom and the San Diego Venture Group selected 10 winners and 10 honorable mentions for the 2016 class.

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