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Temperature Control Tuesdays Webinar Series


August 17, 2021 10:00 am – October 26, 2021 11:00 am PDT



Biocom California, Online Event

Biocom California is once again collaborating with ELPRO, a global provider of environmental monitoring solutions, to co-host a series of educational webinar sessions taking place this summer and early fall. The webinar series is for all life science practitioners in Supply Chain, Logistics, Packaging Engineering, Cold Chain, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Clinical Supply and Commercial Operations or Warehousing. The sessions will include case studies, strategies and tools to preserving the safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive products in-transit and in-storage.

Save the Dates:


Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE

Carli Derrfield, CEO, Cold Chain Consult

Geoffrey Glauser, former Merck/Pfizer Supply Chain Executive and consultant to the US Department of Health and Human Services/ASPR/BARDA

Gavin Morgan, Senior Manager, Global Logistics, PCI Pharma Services

Rich Nelson, Senior Manager of Global Logistics, PCI Pharma Services

Christine Wenner, Sr. Clinical Supply Chain Manager, PCI Pharma Services

Victoria Wilmore, Senior Manager, DELIVER Quality Services, Johnson and Johnson

Jeroen van Loo, Global Business Management, ELPRO

Kevin Hickman, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Distribution, Gilead

Arunkumar Madanagopal, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thank You to our Planning Committee:

Martin Davis

Carli Derifield

Ed Difilippo

Geoffrey Glauser

Ed Groleau

Kevin Hickman

Lindsay Logan

Arunkumar Madanagopal

Andrea Steriti


Guide to Temperature Monitoring

ELPRO Case Study – Lundbeck Monitoring

ELPRO New Approach to Clinical Study

ELPRO IoT and Real Time Monitoring

Co-Host Sponsor:


ELPRO has been a partner to biopharma companies for three decades developing compliant data monitoring systems for facilities and products in-transit. ELPRO’s data loggers and software protect your biotech assets from lab to supply chain: growing and adapting as your products move through trials and into market. ECOLOG Monitoring Solutions for Rooms and Equipment allows great flexibility to access your facility remotely via internet browser to see temperature, CO2, RH, Pressure differential or any 4-20mA signal. LIBERO PDF multi-alarm data loggers and real-time trackers monitor shipments to control a wide-range of biotech applications (-200C…+200C) including clinical trial kits, ultra-low shipments and APIs. Ask us about new developments in real-time monitoring and wireless monitoring. ELPRO is a Swiss company, with US offices in Ohio (including a GxP validation team), San Diego and San Francisco.

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As a respected industry leader and trusted partner we provide a comprehensive range of outsourced pharmaceutical services that stretches all the way from early stage development to long-term commercial supply. This reputation is based on best-in-class technologies, cutting-edge research, an exceptional team of outstanding people and a consistent record of meeting the highest regulatory and quality standards. Equally important is our commitment to an exceptional customer experience and we share our customers’ passion for supplying lifesaving medicines to patients around the world. We’re committed to meeting their evolving needs by leveraging our experience and expertise to develop the best possible solutions to their drug development challenges.

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Specright Logo 2021 .png

Specright is the first cloud-based platform for Specification Management. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machines, Specright helps companies manage data to increase speed to market, reduce costs, and better collaborate with suppliers and partners across their supply chain. For more information, visit: www.specright.com.

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Peli Biothermal logo.png

Pharmaceutical companies — and other organizations looking to make significant cost and quality improvements in their cold chains — are switching to Peli BioThermal for single-use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging. Our innovative, patented technologies and consultative services ensure product quality, mitigate excursion rates, reduce packaging costs and drive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across your entire supply chain. Our global network of consultative cold chain experts provides our customers with consistent packaging and logistics experiences wherever they do business. While our full line of single-use and reusable packaging solutions — from parcel to pallet shippers — are competitively priced, the real economic value we bring to our customers focuses on TCO.

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Independent Specialists in their area, with over 60 years combined industry experience, Cold Chain Consult is that missing link in your cold supply chain. Our global expertise and reach can bring the compliance and operational experience and expertise to your organization as quickly as you need it. We will tailor the number of resources to your specific need, so that you can manage your timelines and budgets. Whatever your organization's current challenge is within the Cold Chain Industry, we will lead, support, and drive you to success. We are proven partners to all segments of the industry – to suppliers, carriers/integrators, to small-to-medium enterprises, large global enterprises and to the non-profits and start-ups.

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SmartCAE (CAE = Computer Aided Engineering) is a small team of highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic engineers and physicists. We provide software solutions for engineering tasks mainly in but not restricted to the area of thermal engineering for more than 15 years and customers in a wide range of branches. The "Smart" in our company’s name we want to be understood as opposite to "Brute Force": We are convinced that it is not always the most involved mathematical model and the highest computing capacities that lead to the best results. Furthermore we believe that "CAE" should not produce colorful pictures but useful answers. Our focus thus is on software that is easy to use and computation models that are appropriate to the given tasks. Our demand is to always deliver maximal possible benefit for minimal possible expenses.