Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Life Science

Biocom California and its Members Commit to Real and Lasting Change

Member Pledge

We believe that setting the tone and driving change is a start, however it is not the solution. With resources, engagement, and active listening we create lasting change that will ensure tomorrow’s generation will not only have equal access, but also equal opportunity that will foster a legacy of DEIB. Our goals and commitments will make measurable changes that have meaningful impact. With an action-based mindset, we have the highest potential to serve the diverse population of patients and further our mission of improving the human condition.

As leaders, we know that a diverse workforce benefits life science companies and allows for more innovative and idea-rich organizations to thrive, enhances employee engagement, improves corporate performance, and ultimately results in better products and services that drive the growth of our industry. Importantly, a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only vital for business, but is essential to ensuring universal respect and dignity, removing barriers to inclusion, and facilitating permanent improvement.

We hold ourselves to this standard of excellence and expect other organizations to be equally accountable and forward-leaning, promoting lasting change and improving the health of the industry overall.

By signing this pledge, together, we can advance the workforce of a thriving life science industry that recognizes the value of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and perspectives.

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  • B

    Believe in the journey and trust the process of growth and development.

  • I

    Include all, as inclusion is the essence of belonging, which drives respect, creates value, and acknowledges the amazing work each person brings to the table.

  • O

    Offer optimism that we will improve diversity in the life science industry, making it better each day.

  • C

    Create community, community empowers us to develop tomorrow’s generation.

  • O

    Organize our body of work to ensure it has meaning, purpose, and promotes change.

  • M

    Manifest these changes with intentional action, ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is the standard in everything we do.

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