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Ab Therapeutics, Inc.

3541 Investment Blvd. Suite 2,
Hayward,   California
United States
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About Ab Therapeutics, Inc.
Biotech Company
Antibody Therapeutics Inc., a JHBP company is a biopharmaceutical organization focused on the development of next generation therapeutic antibodies that improve patients’ lives. The company was co-founded in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a spin-off from Antibody Studio Inc.
Our company incorporates Genor Biopharma’s, a JHBP company, unique CMC, Clinical Development experience and Antibody Studio’s unique platform technology.
With a strong leadership team, Antibody Therapeutics is governed by highly accomplished experts in the drug development field with proven track records. We develops next generation Multi-specific Therapeutic Antibodies with balanced safety, efficacy, and developability for the treatment of cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases. We license Antibody Studio’s unique technology platform and incorporate Genor Biopharma’s unique CMC and Clinical Development experience to develop novel therapeutic antibodies.
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