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Augmenta Bioworks Inc.

3475 Edison Way Ste K
Menlo Park,   California
United States
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About Augmenta Bioworks Inc.
Biotech Company
Augmenta Bioworks discovers new therapeutics by harnessing the most powerful force in the fight against disease: natural human immunity. 
Our technology pinpoints the protective immune response of individuals and translates discoveries into therapies.
The immune system relies upon a diverse repertoire of B and T cells to ward off disease. With billions of cells, our adaptive immune system is a formidable opponent to everything from colds, to cancer to cartons of old milk. Augmenta’s technology finds the needle in the haystack – that one cell, out of billions of cells, out of billions of people, that holds the cure.
We utilize advanced automation, microfluidics, high throughput DNA sequencing, and massively scalable computational analysis to identify immune receptors and their antigen specificity. We provide scientists an unprecedented view of the immune system to guide development of new therapeutics.
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