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Bachem Americas

3132 Kashiwa St
Torrance,   California
United States
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2004
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About Bachem Americas
Biotech Company
Bachem, founded in 1971, is an independent, technology-based company specializing in the production of innovative biochemical compounds and the development of manufacturing of APIs including peptides, small molecules, and cytotoxics. Complementary services are geared to support customers from dedicated syntheses of defined target structures up to the registration of new compounds. With headquarters in Bubendorf, Switzerland, and affiliates in Europe and the US, Bachem works on a global scale and holds a leading position in its field. Facilities in Switzerland, the UK, and in the US, approved by international regulatory authorities and suitable also for the large scale production of active ingredients, make Bachem a partner for all major Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. The company employs approximately 6 motivated and qualified people worldwide.
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