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3 Center Plaza Suite 501
Boston,   Massachusetts
United States
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About BioRAFT
Provider Company
At BioRAFT, we reduce the burden to scientists worldwide while increasing safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency to their organizations through our modular, enterprise software solutions.
Working together with scientists, safety professionals, and leadership from biotechnology, government, and pharmaceutical organizations, we strive to:
•Enable scientists to focus on their science, safely.
•Provide practical tools to identify & mitigate risks.
•Limit harmful impacts on resources, reputation, & finances.
As a Certified Loss Control recognized by leading insurance carriers nationwide, BioRAFT will protect your people and revenue by:
•Reducing costly safety incidents & workers comp claims
•Decreasing lost days of work for research, maintenance, and facilities employees
•Expose critical deficiencies that can lead to costly audit findings & reporting errors
Since our inception in Cambridge, MA in 2003, we have had an unwavering commitment to mitigating risk.
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