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Cardiff Oncology

11055 Flintkote Ave #B
San Diego,   CA
United States
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About Cardiff Oncology
Biotech Company
Trovagene,Inc. is a publicly traded molecular diagnostics company with headquarters inSan Diego, California. It has fundamental intellectual property around theremarkable discovery that cell-free DNA, RNA and other types of nucleic acidspass through the kidney into the urine. These "Transrenal NucleicAcids", or "TrNAs", can be diagnostic of diseases such as cancerand infection. Through this revolutionary technology, Trovagene is setting out to change theway medicine is practiced, through simple, non-invasive sampling and analysisof these nucleic acids. This can ultimately lead to earlier detection, moreeffective treatment monitoring, and better management of serious illnesses.
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Trovagene Announces Changing of Company Name to Cardiff Oncology and Appointment of Mark Erlander, PhD, as CEO
May 14, 2020
Trovagene, Inc (Nasdaq: TROV), a clinical-stage oncology therapeutics company developing its drug, onvansertib, to treat cancers with the greatest... Read more.