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CellSeed, Inc.

Telecom Center Bldg. 15 F 2-5-10, Aomi
Koto-ku,   Tokyo
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About CellSeed, Inc.
Biotech Company
CellSeed seeks to promote worldwide diffusion of “cell sheet regenerative medicine” that employs “cell sheets” to treat and cure patients who previously could not be treated using conventional treatments, through the use of fundamental technologies of “cell sheet engineering” developed in Japan by Professor Teruo Okano of the Tokyo Women’s Medical University. The Company also conducts the “regenerative medicine supporting business” where temperature-responsive cell cultureware and other related research products used in the fabrication of cell sheets are developed and sold. The cell sheet cultivating facility known as the Cell Processing Facility (CPF) has been completed in August 2016 on the sixth floor of the Telecom Center Building, which is also the headquarters of CellSeed’s in Aomi, Koto Ward, Tokyo.
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