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Certis Oncology Solutions

5626 Oberlin Drive, Suite 110
San Diego,   California
United States
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About Certis Oncology Solutions
CRO Company
Certis Oncology Solutions is a precision oncology and translational science company. Our mission is to connect every patient to the right cancer treatment, the first time, every time. We work with cancer patients, oncologists and pharmaceutical companies to provide clinically relevant, predictive data that informs treatment decisions and de-risks drug development programs. We explore options for precision therapies beyond the current standard of care, and partner with pharmaceutical companies to develop the next generation of targeted therapeutics.

Certis is serving the San Diego community with COVID-19 testing using the Thermo Fisher RT-PCR viral platform—the most accurate test for detecting active viral cases, even in those who are asymptomatic. Certis has partnered with Biocom member, Mobile Express Clinics, to offer on-site testing with 24-hour turnaround to businesses in Southern California. Call 858-260-3228 or request workplace testing services online.
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