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378 rue du Professeur Blayac
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About CILcare
CRO Company
CILcare is the world’s leading CRO offering preclinical services and consultancy in ear disorders. Based in Montpellier, Boston, and Paris, CILcare supports pharma, medtech, nutraceutical, and veterinary industries to assess efficacy and safety of compounds and medical devices on hearing loss, tinnitus, and otic disorders.
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Aurore Marie nominated as Global Head, R&D Operations Management, and Board Member
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Hearing disorders: a a high unmet medical need with a significant impact in young people
September 30, 2021
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CILcare and Knotus partner to accelerate the development of novel therapies to prevent and treat ear disorders in Korea and Asian market
June 8, 2021
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CILcare-CBSET nominated for the prestigious PRIX Galien Medstartup award
September 30, 2020
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