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Crown Bioscience San Diego

16550 W Bernardo Dr Ste 525 Bldg 5
San Diego,   California
United States
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About Crown Bioscience San Diego
CRO Company
Crown Bioscience, Inc. is a platform technology company providing drug discovery and development services in the areas of Oncology, Inflammation, and Metabolic Diseases.
CrownBio helps biopharmaceutical companies solve some of today’s most pressing challenges in oncology with an offering of end-to-end preclinical solutions, a unique collection of ready-to-run, well-validated in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo models, and cutting-edge technologies.
Our Translational Platforms bring clarity to drug discovery and enable clients around the world to deliver superior clinical candidates.
CrownBio provides preclinical immunotherapy research platforms to support the successful transition of immunotherapeutics from the lab into the clinic including models for the evaluation of CAR-T therapies, syngeneics, and humanized models.
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