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Cullgen, Inc

12671 High Bluff Dr. - Ste. 130
San Diego,   CA
United States
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About Cullgen, Inc
Biotech Company

Cullgen Inc., is a San Diego based biotechnology company developing small molecule therapeutics based on our proprietary targeted protein degradation (TPD) technology, uSMITE™. Our TPD technology is a type of precision medicine that has the potential to address a broad range of intracellular disease targets, such as oncology, inflammation, CNS, and other diseases that cannot be addressed by existing therapies, commonly referred to as “undruggable” targets. We are currently developing a number of TPD based therapeutics in-house, primarily for oncology, that are available for co-development or licensure. Our most advanced candidate, CG001419, recently entered pre-clinical studies.

In addition to our internal pipeline of TPD programs, we are also discovering and developing novel E3 ligands in order to enhance the overall robustness and effectiveness of TPD therapeutics. We believe that the development of novel E3 ligands will be one of the key long-term success factors for this technology. Through the use of novel E3 ligands, we will be able to design TPDs that are capable of recruiting and binding to one of the hundreds of existing E3 ligases that have never been utilized as part of TPD therapeutic. Designing a TPD that has the capability to bind to different E3 ligases will likely provide a therapeutic solution with reduced toxicity, enhanced tissue selectivity and overcome existing drug resistance.

You can find out more about our company and our game-changing technology by visiting our website: www.Cullgen.com

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