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Dompe X Therapeutics

1018 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles,   California
United States
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(650) 390-5831
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2021
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About Dompe X Therapeutics
Biotech Company
DXT’s focus is the integration of novel drugs, novel delivery platforms, and digital medicine into next-generation therapeutic systems. DXT utilizes digital-era in-silico methodologies such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Computer-Assisted Drug Design (CADD), methods of applied statistics such as neural networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as methodologies to predict the distribution of drugs in the human body. These approaches will optimize preclinical testing and enable novel methodologies for personalized treatment of various ophthalmology and pulmonary pathologies. Innovative delivery platforms are a fundamental component of the corporate strategy and include biomaterials and nanotechnologies.
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