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EnduRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd Ste 777
San Diego,   California
United States
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About EnduRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Biotech Company
EnduRx Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical life science company commercializing a nanoparticle-based active drug delivery technology.The technology couples a drug to a nanoparticle that delivers it to the tumor and transports it throughout tumor tissue. In the first EnduRx drug product now under development delivery is accomplished with a cell-targeting-and-penetrating peptide and the drug payload is a compound that interacts with the cell mitochondria to induce apoptosis – a form of cell death that minimizes secondary inflammation. The cell-penetrating ability allows rapid transport of the drug payload throughout the entire tumor within minutes. Besides its embodiment in the first EnduRx product we believe the technology could enhance the activity, and reduce the side effects of virtually any therapeutic agent for solid tumor cancers.
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