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Exuma Biotech Corp

625 N Flagler Drive, Ste 625
West Palm Beach,   Florida
United States
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Membership Since: 2016
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About Exuma Biotech Corp
Biotech Company
EXUMA Biotech is a clinical-stage biotechnology company discovering and developing CAR-T cell products for solid and liquid tumors. Through our logic gated CAR-T platform, we are taking cellular therapies to the next step by harnessing the power of the immune system to target some of the most challenging solid tumor malignancies, and building CAR-T delivery platforms that may enable more patients to access cellular therapies. We are also revolutionizing CAR-T administration via our next-generation rapid point-of-care, or “rPOC”, subcutaneous, same-day delivery platform. Our global teams are collaborating to develop this first of its kind, autologous same-day treatment, making same-day CAR-T a reality for all cancer patients.
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