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GPB Scientific

2715 Loker Avenue
United States
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About GPB Scientific
Biotech Company
GPB Scientific is a pioneering biomedical company that works with leading research institutes and universities to develop breakthrough technologies that Get People Better. Since 2002, GPB has been at the forefront of microfluidics and cell biology for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Our Curate™ Cell Processing System, in final development, has attracted high interest for its exceptional performance. The Curate system utilizes its proprietary microfluidic deterministic cell separation (DCS) technology in an easy-to-use closed system that delivers high yield and quality to process CAR-T, stem, and other cells with the throughput and scalability required for cell and gene therapies.

GPB’s financing is led by Vensana Capital and Amgen Ventures, and supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health.
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