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INOVA Diagnostics, Inc.

9900 Old Grove Rd
San Diego,   California
United States
Medical Device & Diagnostic
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About INOVA Diagnostics, Inc.
Medical Device & Diagnostic Company
INOVA Diagnostics is redefining the boundaries ofautoimmune testing with innovative systems and reagents, including NOVA View®, a digital approach to IFA;BIO-FLASH®,a rapid-response chemiluminescent analyzer; QUANTA-Lyser®, a family of EIA/IFA processorsfor increased flexibility and efficiency; and QUANTA Link®, a centralized network tomake workflow management easy.INOVA also offers a comprehensive menu of high quality QUANTAFlash® CIA, NOVA Lite® IFA and QUANTA Lite® ELISA test kits,including QUANTA LiteCCP 3.1 IgG/IgA to aid in the diagnosis of early rheumatoid arthritis and QUANTALite DGP IgA, IgG and Screen, which complement tTG in celiac disease testing.
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