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International Stem Cell Corp

5950 Priestly Dr
Carlsbad,   California
United States
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About International Stem Cell Corp
Biotech Company
International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) is a stem cell therapy company that is the first to perfect a method, called parthenogenesis, for creating human stem cell lines from unfertilized eggs for the use in regenerative medicine therapies. The use of parthenogenetic cells alleviates two critical problems inherent in cell transplantation today: immune rejection and the ethical issues associated with the use of fertilized human embryos.The company focuses its efforts on diseases where therapies using human cells have already proven effective but the use of human cells is limited by immune rejection and a lack of available cells. By solving those concerns, International Stem Cell Corporation has the potential to become the "Intel Inside"TM of regenerative medicine –the preferred source of cells for almost every treatment that requires human cells.
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