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Lucid Circuit

1112 Montana Ave Ste 253
Santa Monica,   California
United States
Medical Device & Diagnostic
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2020
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About Lucid Circuit
Medical Device & Diagnostic Company
Lucid Circuit, Inc. is developing a line of purpose-built, energy-efficient, edge precision, high-reliability microprocessors for embedded statistical learning and data attestation on healthcare applications. Our processors benefit from a data driven compute fabric that combines runtime-adaptable architectures and in-silicon data security features that are designed to provide data dependent compute paradigms in support of evolving analytics algorithms. Our processors pair with our programming ecosystem, which supports the deployment of edge-optimized AI healthcare analytics algorithms. Our ecosystem platform will provide an in-silico data attestation hardware and software toolset for deploying predictive, real-time, edge-based healthcare and personalized patient care applications.
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