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Norson Med Inc.

48511 Warm Springs Blvd Ste 214
Fremont,   California
United States
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About Norson Med Inc.
CRO Company
Norson Diagnostics Group is specialized in the provision of medical tests and ancillary services, including clinical testing, disease management, reagent production, scientific technology research and development, laboratory construction and maintenance.

Norson comes with strong technology developing and applying capabilities, that are supported by an outstanding laboratory operating and management team. Multiple clinical laboratories have been successfully put into operation, provide pathological diagnosis, cellular molecular genetics, clinical immunity, biochemistry, microbiology, and other tests that include more than 1,000 different subjects vary upon numerous price ranges and clinical focuses.

Based upon the different stages of disease prevention, occurrence, progression, and prognosis, Norson will continue to introduce and develop new technologies and tests to promote multi-testing portfolios. We will always aims to provide everyone with a range of quality health services.
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