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Sixal Inc.

416 15th St
Santa Monica,   California
United States
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(310) 367-9736
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2020
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About Sixal Inc.
Biotech Company
Sixal is developing a therapeutic to prevent anaphylaxis from food allergies: safely, effectively, and in all people no matter how severe, or how many different types of food allergies they have. There is a large unmet medical need: over 12 million people in the US and every 3 minutes, someone in the US goes to an ER with anaphylaxis from severe food allergy. We have developed a novel approach using a low affinity to attack the trigger complex on the allergic cells that are responsible for food related anaphylaxis, Our drug, a fully humanized monoclonal antibody, (LARI = low affinity allergy response inhibitor), immediately the triggering mechanism thereby rendering the patient non-reactive to all allergens. LARI has proven highly efficacious and safe in both in ex-vivo and in vitro tests with human allergic cells and in vivo in allergy humanized mice. We have met with the FDA and have a clear path forward with their guidance.
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