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SNJ Pharma Inc.

1124 W Carson St
Torrance,   California
United States
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About SNJ Pharma Inc.
Biotech Company
SNJ Pharma Inc. (“SNJ”) is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics with the mission of bringing health and happiness to humanity. SNJ was founded last March with the goal of commercializing the outstanding portfolios of JINIS Biopharmaceuticals Co, the partnering R/D company in Korea.
Currently, SNJ is working on novel pharmabiotics, including fat-absorbing pharmabiotics for obesity and ammonia-removal pharmabiotics for brain health, as well as Biochips for microbiota-profiling service for personalized precision medicine. In addition to pharmabiotic microbes and biochips for gut microbes, SNJ is also working on pharmaceuticals with a tumor-targeting drug delivery platform (patented). One of the most advanced pipelines is albumin-shelled paclitaxel, the first nanomedicine without immunogenicity or side effects from nanocarriers, which is in clinical-stage by JINIS.
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