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SunnyBay Biotech

46283 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont,   California
United States
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2019
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About SunnyBay Biotech
Biotech Company
SunnyBay Biotech conducts research on the role of human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) in the development of cancer. Ancient HERVs, which are present in the genome of all humans, become overexpressed in breast, ovarian, pancreatic and other cancers. A major focus is the application of therapeutic antibodies, CAR T, TCR, and other therapies targeting human endogenous retroviruses to cure cancer. We are recognized leaders in the field of endogenous retroviral therapy of cancer and other diseases. SunnyBay is committed to the development of new approaches for the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Unlike existing cancer treatments, our unique strategy targets endogenous viral antigens that are found only on cancer cells—not on normal tissues.
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