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Tandem Diabetes

11045 Roselle St Ste 200
San Diego,   California
United States
Medical Device & Diagnostic
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About Tandem Diabetes
Medical Device & Diagnostic Company
“In Tandem” means together or in conjunction with, and we strive to embody this in every part of our business. We believe working in tandem, not individually, is the way to continually exceed expectations. We do so with the diabetes community to develop products designed by and for our customers, with other technology leaders to maximize innovation for the end user, and internally across departments to accelerate new designs and product improvements.Innovation and quality are deeply imbedded in our culture and we are reshaping how medical devices are designed and ultimately used by you. This commitment shows in the work we have done in the development, launch, and support of our t:slim® Insulin Pump and t:connect„¢ Data Management Application, as well as in our exciting product pipeline.
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