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Therabest USA

10210 Campus Point Drive, Suite 150
San Diego,   California
United States
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(858) 619-2966
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About Therabest USA
Biotech Company
Therabest USA is a discovery/clinical stage biotech company. Our focus is the development of immunotherapy in the setting of allogeneic adoptive transfer and biologics that improve wellbeing.
Our programs include Off-the-Shelf production of immune cells for universal cell therapy products as well as precision biologics. We educate the immune system to target/attack specific abnormal cells as well as to enhance the immune response to eliminate hematological and solid cancer.
Our research focus on the development of the efficient manufacturing processes of safe, effective off-the-shelf immune cells for universal application in immunotherapy.
Our team, consist of a group of professionals that working in the regenerative medicine, cell manufacturing and cancer immunotherapy, is enthusiastic with the collaborative effort on development of the cutting-edge precision science to translational medicine.
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