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Ub Pharma

9990 Mesa Rim Road, Suite 100
San Diego,   California
United States
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Membership Since: 2021
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About Ub Pharma
Biotech Company
Ub Pharma is a San Diego, CA biotech company focused on developing drugs that target different Ubiquitin Specific Peptidases (USPs). Our pipelines include Anti-viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-tumor, Auto immune diseases, and Immune modulation.  Our current lead program is the Anti-viral program in which we have shown a mechanistic POC efficacy against several different viruses.  Our technology is a novel approach to treat the infection as we do not target the virus itself rather enhance the Interferon signaling which allows a cellular immune response that kills the virus.  This approach makes our lead drug potentially the first broad spectrum anti-viral drug which will be efficacious in treating all variants on Covid-19 and other virus. In early studies we have seen up to 6 log reduction in viral loads within 24 hour of treatment with our molecule.

Ub Pharma is on track to complete lead drug SAR analysis, medicinal chemistry efforts and optimization by July 2021.
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