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Wildflower Biopharma, Inc.

2250 Colony Ter
Encinitas,   California
United States
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About Wildflower Biopharma, Inc.
Biotech Company
Wildflower Biopharma, Inc. (WBI) was founded in December of 2018 to advance an emerging class of therapeutic agents that target a type a process called ‘pre-mRNA splicing’ (also simply called ‘splicing’). While the pre-mRNA splicing process is critical for the function of normal human cells it has recently been found to be misappropriated by cancer cells, which in turn makes certain cancers vulnerable to treatment with small molecule agents that target splicing. Sudemycin D6 (SD6) a flagship product of Wildflower Biopharma, Inc., and specifically targets splicing and these vulnerable cancers. Other anticancer lead molecules that target splicing are also under investigation by Wildflower Biopharma investigators. Wildflower’s flagship product is sudemycin D6, which shows the potential to be a curative drug for certain cancers such as CLL, MDS and AML.
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