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XiltriX North America

9255 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 925
San Diego,   CA
United States
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Membership Type: Provider
Membership Since: 2016
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About XiltriX North America
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XiltriX is a powerful, highly inter-connectable system that watches all ambient parameters and the well functioning of your equipment, cleanrooms and facilities in real-time. XiltriX acts like a pulse on your infrastructure, tracking temperature, door openings, relative humidity, differential air pressure, air particles, VOCs and any other needed parameters through remote monitoring. A robust and secure cloud based software platform gives you full visibility to the historical performance and real-time status of every sensor across your organization, whether in a single building or in multiple sites across the country. Redundant multi-channel alerting systems and configurable escalation protocols ensure no deviation goes unnoticed. We support you in configuring, using and managing the laboratory monitoring system, and as an additional Safety Net, we actively monitor for alarms and anomalies.
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